Battersea, Dawn

Dundee Art Galleries & Museum: 272-1987-336

Artist: Whistler, James Abbott McNeill

Date: 1877

State: 3/5

Size: 14.6 x 22.2 cm

Medium: Drypoint

Alternative Title(s) Battersea, Morn
Details Drypoint. Black ink on buff coloured Asian paper. Butterfly signature at top right. Around fourteen impressions are known.
Description Detailed information concerning the Whistler prints held in The Orchar Collection comes from the University of Glasgow’s excellent Whistler Etchings Project. (Margaret F. MacDonald, Grischka Petri, Meg Hausberg, and Joanna Meacock, James McNeill Whistler: The Etchings, a catalogue raisonné, University of Glasgow, 2012, on-line website at Considerable thanks are due to Professor MacDonald for allowing us to use their research in these entries.

A view of Battersea, looking across the Thames from Chelsea.

Catalogue Entry
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Other Collections (UK)
  1. Hunterian Art Gallery Collections, University of Glasgow, Glasgow

See the Whistler Etchings Project for a list of impressions.

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